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Giving my opionions, insight, tips, and information on being a Notary Public and business owner. You can find me at http://www.kizzethemobilenotary.com


11 responses to “About Kizze the Notary

  1. Hello Kizze,

    I’m really enjoying your blog and fantastic idea’s. Thank you so much for all the inspiration and helpful tips. Did you ever locate a printer for your notary needs and if so, what did you choose?

    I am a newbie notary and loan signing agent also and am slowly putting everything together.

    All the best to you,

  2. Hello Kizze,
    Were you able to find a new printer for your business and if so, may I please ask what you purchased and where?

    I am looking around for a laser printer with dual trays and haven’t found anything for under $300.00 and that is out of my price range.


    • Hello Kelli,

      Thank you for contacting me. I’m going to do my best to answer your question, I wrote the post sometime ago so, I’ve had quite a few printers since then.

      I found an Epson printer on Amazon for $310 (if you have a prime account) other wise it’s $349 everywhere else online + shipping. Sidebar if you don’t have a prime account I suggest you sign up they should have a 30 free day trial and you can can then get the printer at $310 free 2 day shipping.

      Brother High-Speed Monochrome Laser Printer with Wireless Networking, Duplex and Dual Paper Trays (HL5470DWT) Amazon for $310… online $349 and up

      Brother Printer DCP-8150DN Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier Amazon $316 online $499 and up. No dual tray but option to get one later.

      Now the thing to look for in a “Notary printer” are that it’s laser, dual tray, duplex and wireless. Also Epson toner is very cheap online.

      There is also another option a free printer from Xerox. I know that sounds good right, it’s true but there are some requirements. I want you to take a look at the site and see if its something you are interested in and if so contact me back because the requirements are tricky but easy at the same time and I could help you though the process. Also you may not want this option now but as you business grows this option may be a good option. Look at printer WorkCentre 6505. (Remember its free)


      If neither of those options will work for you here’s a third. Get a laser printer preferably epson or brother for price and toner price that has one tray with an option to add a second at another time. You actually don’t have to have two it just makes the job easier and faster. You can buy the second tray at a later date. But it would still need to be wireless and duplex, multi-purpose optional.

      One last option is refurbished, they have plenty of good websites out there that sell good, slighty used, only returned, printers, that still come with warranty that are cheaper.

      There is an HP dual tray laser printer that is $249 with free shipping on Amazon no prime account needed. Seems really nice. The only thing about HP is the price of the ink/toner. So if you consider this one research how cheap you cant get replacement high-yeld ink.


      Just to clarify you dont have to have a prime account on Amazon to get their prices. The prime account is mostly for shipping for free if you order something online like a printer shipping costs can be $50 or more so if you have a Prime Amazon account you can save on shipping cost and get it in 2days.

      So I hope I have help you in some way. If you have any more questions or questions on my information , I’m here.

  3. Hi Kizze,

    Thank you for taking the time and energy to give me such good information and with detail also! I really appreciate your help. I will take a look online and check the refurbished printers also.

    In the next day or so, I hope to look at the free item you mentioned although it sounds too good to be true. As we both know, there isn’t much free in life when it comes to business.

    Are you located in SoCal? I’m in NoCal about 40 minutes from SanFran.

    I enjoy your blog and wish you the best.


    • Your welcome.

      Yes, I know it does sound to good to be true, but it is…of course it come with a few stipulations but it is geared towards small business owners. So please take a look, it maybe right for your busineds in the future.

      I’m also in NoCal in Vallejo! We probably really close. If you have any more questions, I’m here. When I first started notary almost 10 yrs ago the hussle was different, today its more competitive depending on where you live so. I hope it’s profitable for you.

  4. Hi Kizze,

    Yeah, the notary market seems over saturated, but I’m gonna give it a try. I live in Castro Valley so we don’t live too far from each other but no worries, I will not encroach on your territory. 🙂 At least for the foreseeable future, I plan on working in CV, Hayward, San Leandro, S. Lorenzo, Oakland area.

    I also work 3 days a week in a church as an administrator and I have no plans to give that up until I see if I can make a decent living doing the loan signing etc. My co-worker has done it for a few years and she is the one that got me into it. She made it sound so good and I believe there are lots of positives but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of money you have to put out up front. While in my loan signing class the instructor told us about needing a laser printer with dual trays etc. My heart sank since we had just purchased a Brother printer that is not laser and doesn’t have dual trays. Hence, my research for an affordable printer.

    Thank you for all your help. Best of luck to you,

  5. My coworker lives in Pleasanton and only wants to stay on that side of the hill. She told me she would give me her Hayward etc calls. So far she has passed 2 to me. She is 69 and plans on retiring in 2 years and she wants to help me out I guess. I only work 15 hours per week at office and am cleaning houses on the side. She know I want to give up the cleaning.

    • Yes, saturation is a major problem. Why did you take a loan signing class? Your co worker could have shown you the ropes. 🙂

      When I started they (whom ever they are) said I needed a laser printer to, but I printer with what I had. That worked for awhile, but the mass of paper I was printing and the ink I use up was costing me. So that why I got laser printer. The dual tray situation, is because of legal and letter size documents in a loan package. But you can do it with one tray.

      So the printer you have may work in this beginning stage. Please believe they will accept it as long as it’s signed correctly.

      The cost may start to seem overwhelming an unnecessary so, use things you already have, once you start to build customers and some profit, then upgrade.


  6. The reason I took the loan signing class is that I thought I supposed to based upon the info the notary class gave us. It was all taught by the same training school at the CV Adult school. I do remember my coworker saying not to take it cause it would be better if I took the online course with the NNA. Well, the NNA was too expensive. Little did I know that if I had taken the online course with them then I could be listed on their registery of NSA. I found out after joining the NNA that even though I have a membership, I can not be listed with them. That really bummed me out.

    Also, as I’m looking around on sites to register with such as Notary Cafe and Notary Rotary they ask for info about being certified for loan signing so I thought you had to be. It sounds like maybe you don’t have to do this class.

    The loan instructor didn’t explain WHY it had to be laser but he did say that the loan docs would come over in legal and letter size and that a dual tray printer was best. Now my coworker told me that it has to laser because if it is inkjet the title companies will not accept them due to a problem with the ink. She says she switches out her tray for the legal size tray so she does it manually. I have to say the laser/no laser is confusing.

    I do realize that the loan docs are gonna be using up a ton of paper. On average 150 per doc and you have to provide a copy for the borrower. Plus the ink your using up. Oh brother.

    How did you go about signing up with loan signing companies and how did you know who to sign with? Recently some folks on a LinkIn forum I’m following suggested Bankserv. I passed their online test and they give you two weeks to complete their application and send back to them. The issue for me is that they make you take a background check and I have already had 2 background checks through the adult school. Just seems like it is more money to shell out. Plus on their paperwork it looks like the pay very little for loan signings. I would like to make a minimum of $100 to cover my time, travel, paper and ink. $50 or $60 doesn’t do it.

    Oh well, I’m sounding like a downer so I better stop.


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