How to install fonts in windows 7

I’ve watched a couple of Youtube videos on how to install fonts. And in all the ones I’ve found they made you go threw extra steps that you didn’t have to. Installing font is very simple and it only takes a few clicks. No going threw files, folders or a C drive to install.

So here are the quick steps to installing font in Windows 7.

1. Go to a website where you want to download font, like dafonts (free cool fonts). image

2. Cick download on the font you want to install.


3. A download box will pop up, click the circle next to Save file and click OK.


4. Once it finishing downloading, in the download window double click on the download file.


5. The downloaded file will open up and you will see the font. Now most videos I’ve seen will tell you at this point to exact the file. But all you have to do is double click on the font you want to install.


6. Once you have done that the last thing to do is click install in the upper left corner of the font window. It installs automatically.


I’ve included a video tutorial for a better visual understanding below.


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