Mouse without Borders brings my worlds together

IMAG2221-1Once upon a time, in a land of technology and boundaries, I had several computers and several monitors all living separately in there own world, until one day I found Mouse without Borders and it joined my computer Kingdoms together. And for free…

Well enough with the dramatics. Like I said, I have several computers and had been wanting to make one super computer you could say. I already networked them, so things flowed easily in that area, but it was still the back and forth thing going on.

I had become more involved in marketing my business and used my computers for different things, personal, business, laptop, etc.. And I’m constantly watching a Youtube video tutorial of some sort, so the clicking up and down thing and side by side windows was starting to give my head carpal tunnel, Smile with tongue out

Finally, I decided to put the pedal to the metal and get working on how I would get my computer kingdom together, for as least money as possible. That was starting to become a task, keeping my super computer endeavor bill down. I mean every store in my town and connecting towns for that matter didn’t have the simple connections I needed for a cost effective price.

I searched high and low, when I knew I should have just ordered it on Amazon. It would have been here the next day, cause of course I have a prime account which saves me tons on shipping cost, plus deliveries comes so fast nowadays. I don’t have to sweat about waiting. I order it, wake up and the next day  it’s here. Sorry, I digress…

Like I was saying I was searching for a VGA to HDMI connector cable and they were pretty costly or not in stock. So after a week of searching in stores on foot, and rethinking my connection strategy, I decide to go online to Amazon and ordered a VGA to USB connection. After traveling village to village I found that would be my best option. As I could easily use the USB with other computers in the future when I upgraded. But it took me a minute to come to that conclusion because all the VGA to USB connections in the stores where $40 and up.

Went to Amazon found one for $29. I ordered it, came the next day on a two day delivery, Great. So I connected my monitors. Very simple installation. So now I was working with one computer with 2 monitors. But something wasn’t right. What I really wanted was to connect my two desktops together to form one computer with one mouse and keyboard. So then I began another journey to figure out how to do that. Which I knew would need an additional cable or something that cost more money. So again I went searching online. I keep coming up with a convertor box. Which would enable me to use one mouse and keyboard but I would still only have use to one at a time.

That wasn’t what I wanted, almost gave up my quest until in the search engine I came across software that could connect my computers. Well, boy oh boy does that software cost. I just wasn’t going to do it. Then, this is when the magic starts to happen, I put in the search a simple word we should all put in first when looking for anything “FREE”. And bingo Mouse without Borders came up. A free program from Microsoft that connects two computers or more with one mouse for free.

Immediately, I download the software. But then I came across another dead end you could say. I had been enjoying the fact I had two monitors for one computer and wasn’t sure I wanted to give that up. And wasn’t sure how three monitors would work for two computers. Oh yeah and where was I going to get this third monitor. Yet again something to pay for. But like I said “FREE” is the keyword. So I went on Craigslist and typed in, yes you guessed it “FREE” monitor. I was coming up with some but you know on Craigslist good free items don’t sit for long. So that became a dead end. So I gave in and looked for one for $20 or less. Bingo, found it! Went and got my $20 17 inch monitor.

Okay now my kingdoms where about to come together in harmony. Hooked the monitor and computer up, installed the Mouse without Borders software on the second computer, and…

I couldn’t believe it, seamlessly the mouse moved threw all monitors with little effort. I was really unsure about the additional monitor, but there is no problem at all. So my kingdoms came together with Mouse without Borders. And now I’m able to handle things differently. I know longer have to click my different screens up and down as much. I have several items open at a time like; Outlook, Photoshop and Youtube. And this setup saves me a lot of time and my production has went up tremendously.

So to summarize, if a person wanted to use two or more computers simultaneously with one mouse and keyboard completely free. All you have to do is download Mouse without Borders from Microsoft on each computer and that is it.

You can also share screens, use copy and paste between computers, and drag and drop to share files.

Showing you how Mouse without borders works with my two computers and three monitors

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