A list of must have’s for your Notary business (or business in general)

A list of supplies and items every notary should have

Receipt book  

To record your monetary business transactions and to give to customers.

If you don’t have a Squared Up credit card scanner or if something goes wrong with your phone and you’re not able to use it.

A receipt is also like a business card, it’s a way for the customer to remember you and find you in the future for service.


Squared Up account and credit card scanner

A credit card scanner to accept credit cards threw your phone.

It will also send your clients a receipt of the transaction via sms or email.


Notarize here/Sign here tabs

To place on loan signing documents flagging which pages need to be signed and notarized

Helps to speed the process of notarizing a big package


Stamp pad and refill ink

To have for back up if yourself inking stamp runs out of ink

Good for other stamps you might have.


Accounting software (free is best)

To manage your business, bill your clients

For tax purposes


Paper clips


Filing cabinet

To file your contracts, invoices, clients, and in and everything you have on paper for your company.


Files and Folders

To go into your filing cabinet for organization

To keep your loan documents neat and separated while in route to a customer’s house.

Business cards

To advertise your business



To calculate things

Sometimes it’s quicker to have a handy dandy calculator, then to use your cellphone or computer to make calculations



To mail out invoices, collection letters, bills, etc


Stapler and Staple remover (for office and your bag)

To staple documents together

Some sort of messenger bag

To keep all your supplies for travel

To keep documents


Clip board

For notaries who travel (Sometimes as a Mobile Notary I’ve had signing where there wasn’t always a table or countertop to notarize on)


Pens (they are a must have item, I like to get minds in bulk)

For signatures

I’m not affiliated with any links above. I just selected websites for example purposes. If you would like to add to the list or have a better link then by all means comment and I will update the list.


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