Print Me Something

As a entrepreneur I have to be everything for my self-employed business. This means handling of the actually job that needs to preformed, accounting, bill collections, advertising, blogging, customer relations, managing clients, troubleshooting, admin, inventory, supplies, etc…

So my job for the following days to come will be focusing on my supplies. Having been a business person for sometime and handling everything on my own supplies in the Notary game is crucial.

Being a Loan Signing Agent a printer is very essential and I can’t have just any printer… It has to be laser. So I have several printers mostly all laser and I’ve had them for over 6 years. And since I’m very good at troubleshooting, I have been doing just that, troubleshooting them to death.

There is always some issue that needs to be resolved or the uninstall and reinstall of drivers for whatever reason the damn things decide not to work. But now I think I’m a bit tried of playing the role of printer fixer-upper. Seeing as my printers are so old replacement parts and driver update are being neglected by the manufacturer so I’m basically left to my own devices and the world wide web to troubleshoot my printer problems. And hopefully someone out there had the same printer and problem as me and resolved it.

But anyhow It’s time for my Xerox PE120 and Canon MF5750 to retire, there getting on my last nerves.

So now I have to go about finding the right one, for the right price. The features my printer has to have are listed below…

  1. laser
  2. dual-tray
  3. wifi connectivity
  4. maximum duty cycle of 20,000 or more
  5. 27ppm or more
  6. Automatic duplex

I think that’s it for now, so join me in my search to find the right printer. I’m using Pinterest to look


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