Free 3 Day Rescission Calendar Android App

I recently wrote about a free rescission calendar you can find online. But forgot to tell you about a useful rescission calendar app. I’m always searching on the Google Play Store searching for apps that will be helpful in my business.

Well one day while on one of my searches I found a great unknown app called 3 Day Rescission Calendar by Apptology. The only problem which is a big problem is the calendar is for 2011. I guess it hasn’t been updated because there has been enough interest or downloads in the calendar, which was made for Notaries, Agents, Escrow Officers and anyone in the Real Estate Industry.

So I feel in order for them to up date this useful app there needs to be more interest. So I implore any Notary with an android phone to go to there Google Play Store and download it or leave a comment for it to be updated.

You can find it here . Don’t be shy any app that helps a Notary do there job is a app we should support.


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