No sweat off my back, last minute notarizing…

Being a Notary Signing Agency is no small feat, despite what others may think. Just like any business you have to do the job and do it right. There is a lot that goes into notarizing loan documents, it’s not just watching a customer sign, its more involved. Although, we do not give any advice, we still have to be knowledgeable of the documents and the names that are on them.

We as Notaries represent a company,  professionalism and all that comes with the notarizing process, which comes at a price.

A fellow Notary asked about charging additional fees for last-minute signings. Well I did of course answer that question, how I answer all my questions with the truth. But to summarize it.

We as Notaries have to have are fees in place (don’t low-ball yourself), you are in the business of making money and as any entrepreneur you have to account for all that goes into a signing. When you are done adding that up then you need to look at how much you charge, with a consideration to what other Notaries are charging in your area. Once you have your base fees in place. You need to add additional fees for last-minute signings, additional people, locations, documents, etc.

Try your best to cover all your bases, that way when you are called for a signing you get the desired outcome, money in your pocket. Like any business you have to pay for a service and having documents signed at the last-minute is a “luxury” so they must pay accordingly.

Your Fellow Notary,



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