Several Places to Advertise your business (Notary services) for free!

When you start your business whether it be a Notary business or anything else, advertising is key. I know of several business site  that can help you to advertise your business without taking a dime out your pocket.

Having a business and even starting it up can be costly. To become a Notary Public like any other business has associated cost, so why not cut down on some of those expenses with as much freebies as possible.

My choices of free advertising picks below.

1. Google Places one of my favorite. You can advertise your business for free. And when you sign up for the first-time you’ll receive a coupon in the mail for $100 worth of free adsense advertising. I would definitely take advantage of this. Your business will show up more in searches and you will be able to see if it’s something you would like to invest in for your business.

2. Yahoo Listing just like Google they have free business listing, which will help put your business on the map. With your free listing you’ll have all your businesses important information available for the world to see. You have to pay $9.95 if you want to include things like pictures, website, taglines, etc. But the basic listing is good enough for your business to be found.

3. Bing Business Portal like the others free listing, with additional paid upgrades. But free listing should be just fine.

4. good free advertising for you local area. You can be as descriptive as you want. You can add your website or an ad. Business will need to sign up for an account and you can run the same ads over and over.

The best things in life are free so always go look for what is free before you go digging in your wallet.


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